Securifi Almond – World’s 1st Touch Screen Wireless N Router + Wireless Range Extender

almond routerWhilst normally I will only review WiFi repeaters on this site, today I just had to bring you a quick write up on one of the coolest routers I’ve ever seen. It’s called Almond and brought to you by Securifi, a company of which you have most likely never heard of.

But that’s ok, because neither had I. Upon investigation I found that Securifi is a company formed by a small group of network enthusiasts so these guys really know their stuff. They’ve also really come up with a smash hit on their first attempt with their very first product, Almond, receiving rave reviews from the New York Times, Ars Technia , CNET and many others!

But what has got everybody raving about Almond? Well it’s because it is the world’s first touchscreen wireless router. This is a router that you will want everybody to see, not tuck away in a dark corner of the room. Traditional routers and other networking devices are managed via a web-based interface, but with Almond, you have complete control from the touch screen on the front of the router itself, how easy is that!

That was the goal for Almond, to be the most user-friendly router on the market. You can use it as your primary router, as a wireless bridge for older Ethernet devices or use it as a WiFi Extender!Securifi Almond Wireless Router & WiFi Repeater

Hopefully I can get hold of one in the near future in order to do a full review. Looking at the Securifi website I noticed that they are now taking pre-orders for an upgraded Almond+.

In the meantime, here’s the lowdown on the original Almond Router:

  • 802.11bgn
  • 300Mbps MIMO, 2 antennas
  • 2 LAN + 1 WAN Ports
  • Power Supply: 5V, 1A
  • Port Forwarding, Firewall, DMZ, UPnP

This router is currently the number one best seller on Amazon and the customer feedback looks excellent. I don’t think you could go wrong with Almond, but if you’re really only interested in an extender device, it might be best to stick to a device specifically designed for that task. At least until we’ve had a chance to put one through it’s paces. Stay tuned!

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Review: Netgear WN2500RP Universal Dual Band WiFi Range Extender

Netgear WN2500RPThe Netgear WN2500RP is the first device we have reviewed that offers dual band 2.4GHZ and 5GHZ WiFi. Having dual band is great because if you’re wireless devices support it, you can have 2 separate lanes of traffic. This is great for flexibility because if you have some older 802.11b/g devices you can have these operate on the 2.4GHZ band whilst having newer 802.11n devices operate at 5GHZ. This results in much better performance overall!

But it doesn’t matter if your current network is only operating on a signal band. This range extender will connect to you existing network and extend it using both bands!

Setup is extremely easy, as are most of the extenders we’ve looked at. It’s as simple as plugging the device in somewhere between your current wireless router and the area to which you would like to extend coverage to. Then configure it to connect to your existing network like any other device and you’re done.

The in-built 4 port switch is great for any wired devices you would like to have connected to your home network.

What others are saying:

This range is really impressive…I purchased the Netgear WiFi extender to extend the range of my Netgear router in throughout my home. Setup was simple and we are getting 4 bars at the opposite end of the house from where the router is located. It has achieved exactly the results I was hoping for and now have good WiFi connectivity at the farthest reaches of my house on both the first and second floors. Needless to say I have no complaints thus far with this product and have had it for a little over a month now and have experience zero issues. I would definitely recommend the WN3000RP WiFi extender to anyone- it works well, it’s easy to set up and it has definitely eliminated the frustration of having varying signal strengths throughout my house!

The Netgear WN2500RP appears to be a solid device from a trusted name in networking. Based on user feedback, we can high recommend it.

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Review: USPEED Wireless-N Wireless Repeater

Uspeed ReviewToday I’m reviewing a relative newcomer to the scene. I was given a Wireless Repeater from USPEED to try and I have to say I’m quite impressed.

Sure it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of some other (much more expensive) devices, or a big brand name behind it, but what it does have, is a very reasonable price point and performance that matches, if not betters, some big name devices I have tested.

It Supports WLAN 802.11n (Draft 2.0) and is downward compatible with 802.11g/b 2.4GHz networks. It supports WPA, WPA2 and WEP Security (64/128bit) protocols.

The USPEED WiFi Extender is a compact device and I like the look of it. When plugged into a wall socket it looks really stylish. It features an Ethernet port on one side, which you can use to set it up initially (you can use wireless too) or to connect to a wired device close by. On the front are 3 LED indicators, one for power, one wireless activity and one for Ethernet activity.Uspeed Closeup

There’s an area of my house, which gets less than ideal signal so I chose to install the repeater in a location which was at approximately the mid way point between my current wireless router and that poor signal area. This is one thing I should mention. Whilst the user guide to great and has very clear step-by-step instructions to get you configured and ready to go, what it is missing is some guidance on choosing an appropriate location for the device.

Uspeed PackageI do worry that some people will install it in the actual location that has the poor signal and expect to see better performance. Whilst they will receive a better signal because they are connecting directly to the repeater, the signal between the repeater and the router will be less than ideal and therefore they will see performance issues.

Apart from this, I was able to set it up in less than 5 minutes and was ready to test it out.

This repeater can be operated in two different modes. Firstly there’s Wireless Repeater mode, which is what I was using. Secondly, there’s Access Point mode. Access Point mode allows you to use the repeater as a Wireless Access Point. This would be useful if you didn’t currently have a wireless network as you can simply plug the repeater into your Internet router via Ethernet.

I used the repeater for about one week and I found performance to be great. I had no issues browsing the web, checking emails, streaming some videos and basically performing all the same tasks I would normally perform closer to the router. The other cool thing was that my Apple TV was located close enough to the repeater to plug in via Ethernet and I found that it performed much better this way instead of via it’s internal wireless that I was using before.Uspeed Side

I could go into intimate details of performance and even benchmark against other devices, but I really don’t see the point. For the average home user I feel that this is a bargain and it does exactly what it claims, it extends your wireless network signal. A great buy at a great price!

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Review: Amped Wireless SR10000

WiFi ExtenderThere are a number of excellent features that make this Wireless Extender one of the best available. In particular the Dual 600mW amplifiers and 5dBi antennas that make this an extremely powerful device.

Amped Wireless claims that this device will extend the range of any wireless network by 10,000 square feet, which is a very bold claim and you may be thinking it’s a bit over the top. But what we can say is that users are finding that this extender is very effective in increasing the range of their wireless networks.

Oh and I forgot to mention that the antennas are also upgradable in case you need to connect to your network the next time you’re visiting the moon :)

In addition to the wireless connectivity the SR10000 it also features 5 Ethernet ports for connecting wired devices to the network such as gaming consoles or home theater devices.

There’s not much more to say about this device, it does what it was designed for and based on user feedback, it is very easy to install, configuration very straight forward and customer support is top notch.

If you’re looking for a no fuss wifi extender because your current router is just not cutting it, there’s no need to look any further. Sure there are cheaper devices on the market but the last thing you want is to find that your new extender is still not as good as you’d like. Save yourself the hassle and do it right the first time with the Amped Wireless SR10000.

However, if you find that your budget just doesn’t stretch this far, take a look at the Diamond Multimedia WR300N which we reviewed previously here.

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Review: Diamond Multimedia WR300N Wireless Range Extender

wifi repeaterThe WR300N Wireless Range Extender from Diamond Multimedia claims to eliminate wireless dead spots and weak signal areas in your network but it does much more than this. You see this device is not only a WiFi range booster but it can also function as a Wireless Access Point and as an Ethernet Bridge for your wired devices.

The coolest thing about this device is it’s small form factor. Unlike a traditional access point you can simply plug this into a wall socket and away you go, no tangled cable mess!

If you already have a wireless network and you’re looking to extend it’s coverage, this is the device for you. Setup is also super easy. Grab an ethernet cable and plug one end into your laptop, the other into the WR300N, fire up your web browser, run through a few settings to configure your network and you’re done. Then find a suitable location (you may need to experiment a bit) and you’re golden!

If you don’t already have a wireless network this device can also function as a wireless access point. Just plug it into your modem/router via ethernet. This is really handy for when you’re travelling and the only internet access available to you is via a wired connection.

The other cool thing about this device is that it can also double as an ethernet bridge. So if you have any wired devices in the same location as where you have installed the WR300N WiFi Repeater, just plug it into the ethernet port and away you go.

Based on customer reviews, the WR300N is extremely popular and does exactly what it claims to do. Just given it’s versatility, if I were looking to the extend the coverage of my wireless network today,this would be the device I would buy.

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