Review: Diamond Multimedia WR300N Wireless Range Extender

wifi repeaterThe WR300N Wireless Range Extender from Diamond Multimedia claims to eliminate wireless dead spots and weak signal areas in your network but it does much more than this. You see this device is not only a WiFi range booster but it can also function as a Wireless Access Point and as an Ethernet Bridge for your wired devices.

The coolest thing about this device is it’s small form factor. Unlike a traditional access point you can simply plug this into a wall socket and away you go, no tangled cable mess!

If you already have a wireless network and you’re looking to extend it’s coverage, this is the device for you. Setup is also super easy. Grab an ethernet cable and plug one end into your laptop, the other into the WR300N, fire up your web browser, run through a few settings to configure your network and you’re done. Then find a suitable location (you may need to experiment a bit) and you’re golden!

If you don’t already have a wireless network this device can also function as a wireless access point. Just plug it into your modem/router via ethernet. This is really handy for when you’re travelling and the only internet access available to you is via a wired connection.

The other cool thing about this device is that it can also double as an ethernet bridge. So if you have any wired devices in the same location as where you have installed the WR300N WiFi Repeater, just plug it into the ethernet port and away you go.

Based on customer reviews, the WR300N is extremely popular and does exactly what it claims to do. Just given it’s versatility, if I were looking to the extend the coverage of my wireless network today,this would be the device I would buy.

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One Response to Review: Diamond Multimedia WR300N Wireless Range Extender

  1. PaulW says:

    I have tried about every WiFi extender/access point. At best, they boost signal a tiny bit. Normally, without the it, I get 5 bars in my bedroom which has a clear line of sight to the router. In my living room, I get 2 or 3 bars and in my study, I get no bars but I have internet most of the time. Now having purchased this this, range and signal has drastically improved in all areas in my house. Set up was a no brainer and took all of 5 minutes. I plugged it into a wall socket near the back door and instantly got 5 bars and three times the speed in the living room and 2 bars and three times the speed in my study. I am extremely pleased with my purchase and the performance and would recommend it to anyone!


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